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    iphone 7

    The parade is now in place. Every year in September, Apple is holding its big show (the famous “keynote”) to introduce a new iPhone that he promises, reserve incredible news. And every year, the changes are actually quite discreet. 7 The iPhone’s processor is more powerful, its brighter screen and improved camera 12 Mpixels. Is. A small novelty, however: the iPhone 7 is resistant to water and dust, a first for Apple. The manufacturer has also removed the 3.5mm jack dedicated to audio. This radical decision sparked widespread criticism, but it is necessary to move the industry. Here are our first impressions before our test lab and some tips to get the iPhone 7 the best price.

    1. The main innovations2. THE household in the range3. The iPhone 7 at the best price4. The iPhone 7 with a subscription5. Credit Offers: forget it!6. The iPhone 7 for rent?


    No aesthetic difference between the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus and their predecessors, the iPhone 6S and 6S More . But they are equipped with a new processor (A10 / M10), a screen that promises to be bright (625 cd / m 2 instead of 500 cd / m 2 ). The central button now detects different levels of pressure (it is not mechanical).
    No big change in use. Apple has especially improved the camera. The sensor always shows 12 Mpixels but the focus is stabilized and has an aperture of f / 1.8 (instead of f / 2.2); so it promises better brighter pictures, especially in low light. The iPhone 7 Plus is itself equipped with two sensors which is defined as 12 Mpixels, but whose focal lengths are different (one wide angle to f / 1.8, the other telephoto f / 2, 8). One can thus make wide or very tight shots, and effectively zoom into the image (optical zoom × 2). On both models, the front camera from 5 to 7 Mpixels.
    Like the Samsung Galaxy S7 or the Sony Xperia M5 before it, the iPhone 7 is now resistant to dust and water (IP67).
    The most notable change is the 3.5mm jack, Apple removed. His Lightning connector is indeed capable of passing electricity (for charging), but also the sound. It is not possible to directly connect a traditional headset, an adapter is required. Fortunately, it comes in the box (and sold € 9 in the Apple Store). The manufacturer and softens the transition to “all Lightning”. Note that other manufacturers are moving towards the “all USB-C,” a format that offers similar features to Apple’s proprietary connector.
    Finally, the iPhone 7, Apple launches iOS 10. This new version of its mobile operating system brings a lot of graphics and ergonomic innovations. The owners of an iPhone 6S , 6S More , an iPhone 6 , 6 Plus , a SE iPhone , 5C , 5S or 5 can already install on their devices to enjoy.


    As with every launch of the new iPhone, Apple has made the household in its range. Thus, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, released in 2014, are no longer marketed or in its stores or on its website. A late career tainted by the failure of the touchscreen that affects both models, known as the “Touch disease” . The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are available in 16GB version or in 64 GB Apple introduced a 32GB model for € 659 (€ 769) and retains the 128GB model, the price drops dramatically. IPhone 6S passes to 769 € (against € 969 at launch) and iPhone 6S Plus € 879 (against € 1,079). Finally, the iPhone OS is still in the catalog, the 16GB still costs € 489, but the 64 GB version is now available for € 549 instead of € 589.


    IPhone 7 and 7 more are offered with three different storage capacities. So, at Apple, they are respectively sold € 769 and € 909 for 32GB, € 879 and € 1,019 in 128 GB, € 989 and € 1,129 for 256GB. Mobile operators sometimes sell at a slightly lower rate. 7 The iPhone 32GB and no subscription is displayed in Orange € 739.90, which also offers the 128 GB version and € 849.90 for the 256 GB version for € 959.90 or lower prices to € 30 those charged by Apple. SFR, the difference is 20 to 30 € depending on the model. But neither one nor the other put these forward rates – they are obviously more interested in selling subscriptions for 12 or 24 months. Only Bouygues Telecom plays the game: the price of one phone is displayed clearly, even above its package deals with.
    That said, buy one phone with an operator adds an interlocutor more in case of problems. History shows that as soon as they can, resellers and manufacturers love to throw the ball at the time of assuming the guarantee of their products. By purchasing your iPhone at full price from Apple, your device will probably be exchanged against a new one in case of failure.

    buy iphone 7

    7 buy the iPhone at a mobile operator as part of a subsidized supply remains an interesting option to not pay at once the full price of the unit. Operators usually reserve their special offers (offer to pay or automatic reset) to larger packages subscribers (€ 69.99 / month, Orange or € 89.99 / month at Bouygues Telecom, for example). But ultimately, the price difference with commitment (24 months) and without commitment is quite marginal, especially when it is spread over 2 years. The table below compares the prices of Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom and Free for iPhone 7 128GB. The financing option proposed by SFR and Bouygues Telecom (not taken into account in the table), which is to reduce the initial contribution by paying 8 € / month extra for the phone, would spread the payments at no extra cost.


    Bouygues Telecom and Apple both offer credit as financing options. They rely on well-known partners in the credit universe, Sofinco and Cofidis respectively. Flee these offers, the rates are exorbitant. At Apple, the APR (annual percentage rate) is 7%, it reached 9.78% at Bouygues Telecom, while the average rate for consumer credit does not exceed 3%.
    Apple also offers to take back your old iPhone and complement your new purchase with a credit. For example, it will deduct the amount € 132 if you bring your iPhone 5S 16GB This is significantly less than its value on the used market. You could easily sell € 250. Mac2Sell, specialist rating of Apple products, esteem even 310 €.


    Since 2013, Free Mobile offers some high-end mobile rental. It runs for 24 months, and assumes a rent (from 12 € / month) and an initial contribution which vary according to the selected smartphone model. For example, for a 16GB iPhone 6S, Free Mobile will charge € 129 for the control and € 19 / month for 24 months. Probably the operator he soon propose the iPhone 7 for rent. But beware of the limitations of this offer , including the termination conditions: no legitimate reason (dismissal, death, etc.), the tenant must pay the entire rent until maturity.
    SFR offers meanwhile a smartphone rental offer for a few days. The iPhone 7 will soon complete the range, so far confined to Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. The rent will be € 25 / month for an iPhone July 64 GB, with a deposit (the amount should be around € 200, as is the case for the Galaxy S7). Penalties may apply if you return the damaged mobile (150 € for the S7), broken (220 €) or irreparable (250 €).
    Fnac also launch a rental offer soon, probably with option to purchase, on the model of that sold in April 2015 for the Samsung Galaxy S6. The system allows to change devices regularly to enjoy a newer model. But, like the Free and SFR, he returned to spend … without ever owning anything.
    iphone 7

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