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    iphone 7

    iPhone 7: 41 options that we need (we can dream)
    HIGH TECH Apple will unveil the iPhone 7 Wednesday at 19h. We worked on the new options …

    With its “Paper iPhone”, Aziz Ansari (Parks and Recreation) thinks disruptive.
    With its “Paper iPhone”, Aziz Ansari (Parks and Recreation) thinks disruptive. – DR
    *Annabelle Laurent
    Published on 09.07.2016 at 12:33
    Updated 09.07.2016 at 18:22
    7 The iPhone is almost here. After months of rumors – not so crazy around the characteristics of what we recall, there a few years ago, was one TELEPHONE, Apple should unveil the sacred object Wednesday during his keynote ritual of return before a sale on 16 September. Abandonment of the jack, better camera, button Home disappearance, better resistance to water and increased storage: Here’s the deal predicted .
    Yes, but…
    “Do not be trapped by dogma, which is to live with the outcome of the thoughts of others”
    Word of Steve Jobs . Do not live crushed by the thought of the developers of Cupertino, let us break our chains, iPhone invent the future, dammit.
    NB: It is possible that among the 41 following functions, some are playable blah.
    NB bis: We listen to your suggestions in the comments.

    1 . An affordable. Forgive this how-consideration, but it would not hurt to start there, huh. Recall that the manufacturing cost of a SE iPhone is 140 euros and it is sold 589
    2 . A tireless battery, let’s be optimistic. A solar panel ? (but which also would work when only the neon lights of the bullpen, you do not live all in Cannes)
    3 A Micro SD slot can manually increase the storage capacity. This will never happen since Apple would lose (it is much more interesting for her to call 200 dollars more for a bigger storage)
    4 . Otherwise, a simpler and more intuitive way to free up space in this phone inevitably invaded by dozens of mysterious MB
    5 . The end of the obligatory link to any data transfer, iTunes, omnipotent mother and hated of all
    6 . A USB output type C to replace the harbor Lightning (a rumor one time mentioned ). Or a more universal connectivity eliminating the need to beg in the bullpen all iPhone 5 cable while your neighbor and Android charger just waiting to help you (love you)
    7 . An unbreakable screen (really). Compatible with motorcycle fall, bike rodeo
    8 . A tinted glass screen. What disappoint your neighbors who are very bored on the subway and get excited about your conversations, enough to bore you in return, but useful
    9 . A reliable iPhone weather. Quite simply
    10 . A Siri that understands what is asked
    11 . A Siri who can say critical words. Deso, pépouze, yolo.
    12 . A Siri speaks French, otherwise. Start there
    13 . One Touch ID detects all fingers of both hands. You do not understand that I have a coffee in the right hand and I have to answer this SMS in the second half there, between life and death
    14 . One Touch ID that detects your alcohol and blocks SMS at this time of the evening when it is better for everyone that you keep quiet forever
    iphone 7 india
    15 . A camera that generates gifs as a great
    16 . A device that makes blurry pictures net evenings. It’s fine resolution to 12 megapixels , but the focus retroactive power, we are still waiting
    17 . A camera where selfie option would, tada, disappeared (radical, certainly)
    18 . A iMessage without the alienating little bubble “…” . There is debate, again
    The three points of terror.
    The three points of terror. – DR
    19 . A iMessage that never, ever, integrate the two small V WhatsApp indicating that the message has been read
    20 . Messages released from jail the color green message / blue message. How it, who cares?
    21 . An apology generator (convincing)
    22 . A punchlines generator (if lack of inspi)
    23 . A sonnets generator
    24 . A Walkie-talkie function. OVER.
    The walkie-talkie, that’s life
    The walkie-talkie, that’s life – Stranger Things / Netflix
    25 . In Maps, a guide based in the Upside Down World
    26 . A phosphorescent hull. Essential when seeking his laptop in his bag in the dark. Unbearable to sleep.
    28 . A shell Beyoncé
    29 . A function that recalls the time spent on the iPhone during the day. Either too much. Either that offer apps like OFFTIME or Moment , but directly integrated
    30 The automatic opening, every iOS update, this Louis CK life lesson on smartphones.:

    31 . A dictaphone with this magic button that would transcribe the recorded text in a text written
    32 . A dictaphone which a call will never interrupt the current record (a journalist of stuff that does not recover have messed up an interview because his mother was to call together? Probably)
    33 . The ability to customize the application interface. Tired, tired, tired of being classified in boxes, screaming apps fist raised
    34 . An Alarm that allows to wake up to the radio
    35 . An Alarm that allows to wake up with a song coming from Spotify, Deezer, YouTube, Soundcloud …

    36 . An alarm that allow to wake up with anything recorded in voice recorder, you can do more ringtones Seaside and Carillon, we can do MORE.
    37 . A Notifications more readable interface and above all, the ability to disable all of a sudden on the good advice of former Google engineer Tristan Harris and his Time Well Spent project
    38 . The snake of 3310
    39 . Option iron, lighter option … Sky is the limit
    40 . Of Kanye West tweets automatic pop-ups for moments of depression

    iphone 7

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